End of Evangelion

Episode 25 Movie Edition: AIR (Rebirth)
Intervention Of Others (Track1)
Japanese: Tanin no Kanshou

The first scene of the movie The End of Evangelion was Shinji still on the surface of Geofront, now a devastated Tokyo-3 after the second clone of Rei self destructed her Eva-00 robot and took Tokyo-3 with her. The sun now shining bright in the sky offers no joy to a Shinji still blaming himself for the murder of his best friend Kaworu, and unfortunately the 17th and last Angel. Clear sea water now reflects the broken buildings that litter the place, suddenly a stone fell and sent ripples of water around, breaking the serenity of the reflection. Back at Nerv headquarters, Gendou and Fuyutsuki confronts a Seele Organization upset by the two's treachery for daring to change the Human Complement Program. Gendou said "That nothing can be gained by death" (Japanese: shi wa nani mo umanai) but Seele answered "death is what we give you". (Japanese: kimi-tachi ni shi o ataeru) and the twelve monoliths that represent Seele that surrounded the two disappeared leaving the two behind in darkness. The next scene was Misato in her car thinking about the last words of Kaji and realized that it was as Kaji predicted and decided to hack the MAGI computer from inside the mainframe to get to the cause of the Second Impact and what Seele's next move is.

The next scene was Shinji beside the bed of a comatose Asuka, who is suffering from pyschological shock due to the psychological poisoning from the 15th angel. Shinji who went to Asuka in the hope she may help him with his guilt was disappointed to find her totally unconscious. He complains of why she keeps calling him "stupid" and asking her what he should do now that he killed the only friend he opened his heart with and where to go from there. "Help me, help me Asuka..."(Japanese: tazukete,tazukete yo, Asuka!). Asuka, completely motionless was being ruffled by Shinji, when the blanket of Asuka fell to the floor and Shinji saw Asuka naked. He then locked the door of her room and the next scene showed his hand wet with his semen, he whispered to himself, "Im fucked up".(Japanese: Saitei da, orette..) He then left the room.

The next scene shows Shinji with his usual depressed style. Earphones in the ear, listening to music. To all the fans who watched episode 25 and 26, its probably where his mind is right now. Frankly I am a Shinji fan and with the last scene (the first picture above). I was sooooo disappointed to know that Shinji has gotten sooooo low. In the movie he used the word "ore" the Japanese slang word for "I". In all the 26 episode that was shown on Television, none of them showed him used that word. He instead used a much milder one, namely "boku" the usual Japanese word for "I" for boys. This shows that his personality is changing and many of his fans were disappointed to know that the naive kid has grown-up.

The following scene we see Misato hacking the computer of Nerv from within the supercomputer and using that to hack other Magi systems of the world to search the database of Seele. What Misato discovered was very disturbing, she stumbled into the truth of the human complement program. In Misato's words the human complement program is "Man has already reached a dead end on its present state of evolution, the next step is to artificially initiate the evolution of man into a perfect single being. " (Japanese: sude ni ikitsumatta jinrui o, kanzen na tantai no ikimonu e to jinkou shinka saseru) And the only way to do that is to induct third impact: "They want to commence the third impact! And not using the Angels but the EVA Series!" Misato gravely informed Shinji later on in the movie (Japanese: Third Impact o okosu tsumori na no yo. Shitou de wa naku, EVA Series o tsukatte ne) and she continued "Just like us humans, we are like Adam, born from the source of all life, Lillith. We are the 18th Angel."(Japanese: Watashi tachi ningen mo ne, Adam to onaji Lillith o yobareru inochi no minamoto kara umareta 18 banme no shitou na no yo) Apparently man is the 18th angel in the branch of life whose roots is Lillith, Now the branch of life and the reality and dimensions that seperates us from the other branches are falling apart. In this scene we also learned that the second impact was caused by reducing Adam into an egg, to reduce the damage that will occur when the Angels come as predicted and written in the Dead Sea scrolls.

and then the sirens sounded and the computer shuts down....

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