End of Evangelion

Episode 25 Movie Edition: AIR (Rebirth)
Mid-summer's Last Performance (Track2)
Japanese: Manatsu no shuuen

Now that all the angels has been eliminated, Seele tried to penetrate and plant a virus on the MAGI System by using other MAGI systems of the world (including MAGI of Tokyo 2) to get hold of NERV and relieve Gendou Ikari, the Supreme Commander of NERV of all his duties but Gendou released Ritsuko from court martial and Ritsuko said "I know you want me to install the MAGI protector right?" (Japanese:Wakatte-iru wa MAGI no jiritsu bougyou deshou?) and she continued "Because a need arise he uses me again. How such an egotistical man" (Japanese: hitsuyou to nattara, suteta onna demo riyou suru. egoisuto na hito ne) Ritsuko went to prepare the lock and while inside the computer working the program she said "Women and men are not logical, right mom") and then she touched the panel of Casper, one of the super computers of MAGI (Japanese: rojikku ja nai no yo ne otoko to onna wa, sou desho, kaa-san). After finishing the program she left and said "Until next time mom". (Japanese: kaa-san mata ato de ne). She then successfully deflected the hacking and installed the program 666 protector, so Seele used more violent means.

With Gendou betraying Seele, there is no more use for NERV, so what Seele decided was to issue a special A-801 directive to approve mass production of Eva-05 to Eva-13 and deceive the Japanese Government into sending a special task force to destroy the NERV facility and kill everyone in sight. by saying that NERV has plans to provoke the Third impact that will destroy mankind. Yes fans, bloodshed starts here, there was no mercy, and everyone who walked whether man, woman or child was slaughtered. No prisoners. The main aim of course is to find the children who pilots the EVA robots and eliminate them and acquire Adam, Lillith, EVA-01 and EVA-02 from NERV. Seele wanted EVA-01 to provoke the Third impact that will waste the present existance of man and lead him to the next stage of evolution. As Keel (Head of Seele) said to other Seele members "With the spear gone, we cant initiate the human complement program using Lillith, The only option left is to use the child of Lillith and retrograde EVA-01" (Japanese: ronginusu no yari o ushinatta ima, ririsu ni yoru hokan wa dekinu.. Yuitsu, ririsu no bunshin taru, EVA-01 ni yoru gyakkou o negau zo) . Without knowing the true intention of Seele the Japanese government and other nations approved of the attack.

NERV was caught unprepared, they didnt realize that the war was not yet over. As all the fence perimeter of NERV falls under the hands of a special elite force of the Japanese Army, they soon realized that the last and most vicious enemy werent the angels but their fellow humans. Makoto Hyuga said "and we are all fellow human beings!" (Japanese: onaji ningen na no ni) All the post has fallen and NERV was slowly finding herself fighting a helpless battle, with Shinji nowhere to be found, Asuka still in a state of shock and the EVA-00 gone. Nerv has no conuter measures for an invasion of an outside force other then an Angel.

The special task force has penetrated the central command post and the issuing gun fire from the second balcony and the ground troops began. Shigeru Aoba went to get the guns and tries to hand one to Maya. "Use this!...Use This!..If you dont use it YOU WILL DIE!". But Maya refused and went under her consule unable to stand the exchanging gun fight between her comrades beside her and the troops below. Meanwhile Nerv rocked as an N2 mine was dropped from above and almost evaporized the sea water that buried Geofront.

Where was Shinji all this time, well he was hiding under a stairway somewhere inside NERV, Misato was searching for him but after a sensor sweep of the whole NERV Facility, she finally pinpointed his location. ( Blopper:Notice that in the computer screen it reads : F-46b LIVE X07...ID Comparison: Ikari Shinji: 1st C. EVA-01 Pilot, Time: 07:23:23:83....it should have read 3rd C..for 3rd Children)

Misato found Shinji just in time. Three troops arrived earlier and identified him. One of the troops told him "Sorry, I have to kill,you, nothing personal kid, just my jo-" ....BANG...BANG...BANG... and all three was shot my Misato, she then said to the soldier "Nothing personal too okey?" and made sure and fired a fourth shot to the head of a soldier who was still alive. Shinji was speechless all this time and Misato told Shinji "Lets get out of here!". Shinji just responded in a weak voice "I want to die..." and you see Misato dragging him to a safer place. She arrived at the parking area near the terminal dogma enroute to the Eva-01 hanger, and Misato feeling so frustrated with Shinji shouted "Listen to me YOU! You're still alive arent you! Try to fight and live than die after all of this is over!" (Japanese: Anta, mada ikiteru n deshou! dattara shikkari ikite, sore kara shininasai) In this scene you cant help but admire the military instinct of Misato.

The next scene was Gendou saying to Fuyutsuki "Professor, please take over from here" (Japanese: Fuyutsuki sensei, ato wa tanomimasu yo), a sign that Gendou now intends to start the human complement program and head for Rei who was deep in LCL somewhere near the central dogma, earlier the third clone of Rei crushed the glass of Gendou of which the second Rei treasured so much. Fuyutsuki answered "I understand, give my regards to Yui". (Japanese: wakatte-oru, yui-kun ni yoroshikuna)

and Gendou went on....

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