End of Evangelion

Episode 25 Movie Edition: AIR (Rebirth)
Emergency Retroggression Shelter (Track3)
Japanese: Taikou e kinkyuu hinan

Before the troops took hold of NERV and before she went out to search for Shinji, Misato ordered that Asuka be placed inside Eva-02 because that is the safest place for her to be and the robot be launched regardless whether she can pilot it or not. Eva-02 was then under the lake at Geofront, when the troops start bombing it with mines. Still unconscious and inside the entry plug, she battles a fight inside her heart "Who would like a person like me!.. who would like to look at me!...", the fight about her past, her mother's suicide, her father's neglect, her wish of growing up without the help of others. Slowly she climbs out of her coma as she hears the voice of her mother whispering to her "Dont give up now, please dont give up now" and inside her heart she said "So this was where you were mom ....Death Death Death...I hate Death!" (Japanese: Mama, koko ni ita no ne....shinu no wa iya shinu no wa iya shinu no wa iya...shinu no wa iyaaaaaa!) and that instant the four eyes of Eva-02 ignited and a red cross exploded on Geofront. Asuka was in full control again!

This was probably the moving part of the picture. The rise of Asuka! When she was informed about what was going on. She showed a strong will and desire to live and fight for her existance and with Eva-02 to protect her, her spirits rosed again and she said "Come on you bastards, let us see what you can put up against my Eva"

But then the resurrected Asuka was like a child who suddenly discovered her long lost toy and very much unlike the 100% confident Asuka of the past.

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