End of Evangelion

Episode 25 Movie Edition: AIR
Invasion By Substitution (Track5)
Japanese: Migawari no shinnyuu

Misato and Shinji headed for emergency hatch 20 when three guards sprayed the two with bullets. Misato protecting Shinji was shot fatally in the chest, she then closed the hatch to prevent them from chasing them. The soldiers decided to blow the whole place and evacuated. Misato checked if the elevator has emergency power and was relieved to see that the battery power is still working. Misato asked Shinji to take care of himself and make sure to destroy Eva-01 when he boards it. She reminds Shinji that she will not be there anymore to send instructions and that he will be alone by himself. Shinji cried and refused to ride citing that he longer wants to ride Eva-01 but Misato again mentioned his responsibility and the importance of destroying the Eva-series, she said "Dont look back in the past and regret that in the one time you could have made the difference, you didn't". Misato thinking that there was no more time, handed Shinji her cross and kissed him in the lips that suprised Shinji. A kiss that last for a long time. For Shinji, Misato was his mother, older sister, girlfriend, adult figure and commander-in-chief all in one. After the long kiss she said "That was an adult kiss, Lets continue this when we get home" (Jap: Otona no kisu yo, Kaette kitara tsuzuki o shimashou ). But Shinji knows there is no next time. She pushed Shinji into the elevator and the door closed. Misato lost all her strength and she collapsed, as the blood pool around her gets bigger and bigger and with a weak voice she calls for Pen-pen and Kaji her last words was "Kaji, I think I did my job" (Japanese: Kaji kun, atashi kore de yokkatta wa yo ne) A ghostly Rei appeared and then the place ignited and exploded. Shinji was safe in the elevator, heading toward the Eva-01 as he felt the explosion from beneath. He knew that Misato was down there and has perished in the explosion. He checked Misato's blood stained cross and noticed that his mouth was full of Misato's blood and cried.

With only nine seconds remaining Asuka finally thought she got the last of the Eva-05 robot by penetrating the Eva-05's core and crushing it but what Asuka did notice is that none of the Eva-05 exploded when their core was crushed and this striked her as odd. It was this time that one of the Eva-05's lance came hurling toward her from nowhere. She stopped it with her AT Field but the lance changed into a replica of the Longinus Spear and penetrated the AT Field stabbing Eva-02's left eye. Asuka's own left eye flowed with blood and she ran out of internal power. Maya reported to everybody that Asuka has lost power and that the energy levels of the nine Eva-05's are still strong. Maya cried "Asuka, no, Asuka". The Eva-02 was pinned to the ground through the left eye by the lance of the Eva-05 that became a replica of the Longinus Spear.

Gendou was in front of Lillith with Rei, now fully grown with legs after the original Longinus Spear was withdrawn from it in the Death part of the first movie. Ritsuko was waiting near the edge just in the border of the Cross stand when Ritsuko turned and faced Gendou and pointed a gun at him and said that it is all over. She pushed her remote control and waited for the floor from beneath to explode but nothing happened. She set the auto-destruct of Nerv but CASPER, one of the three MAGI computers, did not allow it and when the realization that her own mother (CASPER) betrayed her, Gendou produced a gun and said how much he really loved her but Ritsuko said "Liar" (Jap: Usotsuki ) and was shot by Gendou. Ritsuko was thrown by the force of the shot of Gendou's revolver and landed on the LCL below the Lillith altar, Shocked at the thought that Gendou had the courage to kill her. Casper was the woman side of Ritsuko's mother programmed with in MAGI.

And the saga continues....

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