End of Evangelion

Episode 26 Movie Edition: Magokoro o Kimi ni
Uneasiness And The Secret Moon (Track10)
Japanese: Fuan to no mitsugetsu

The Longinus Spear penetrated the core of Eva-01 and enveloped the robot with it and turned into the tree of life. Fuyutsuki said " The fruits of life of an Angel combined with the knowledge of man was given to Eva-01, almost like a god and all along our fate rested on the son of Ikari. (Japanese: Shitou no motsu seimei no jitsu to, nito no motsu chie no jitsu, sono ryouhou o te ni ireta Eva shogouki wa kami ni hitoshiki sonzai ni natta. Mirai wa Ikari no musoko ni yudanerareta na). The whole of Japan was consumed in a ball of fire and started to advance around the world and the black moon appeared. The big white Rei faced Eva-01 and started to get it with both hands and Shinji seeing this screamed . When the Third Impact started, Shinji instead saw the big white Rei transformed to a smiling Kaworu and Shinji smiled with delight and entered a dream state where people are asking Shinji "what do you want?" (Japanese: Nani o negau no ?). Then we are back at the scene of the train at Episode 16 but this time Misato, Rei and Asuka are in the train, then Asuka said "If I cant have your entire self for me then who needs you." (Japanese: Anta ga zenbu watashi no mono ni naranai nara, Watashi nani mo iranai) Shinji fought back that who needs anybody anyway and the three just stared at Shinji as if he was saying something really stupid. Then Shinji remembered his past when he was five years old building a sand castle pyramid, he was alone with 2 other children asking him to help them make a sand castle. Shinji agreed and helped them. But the mother of the two children came and pick them up and Shinji was left all alone in the park. He continued as he felt crying because he doesnt have a mother to pick him up and as time goes by and the park was soon empty, he was still there alone, with no one but a perfectly built sand castle. Seeing this he destroyed it. And seeing it destroyed, he cried and started building it again.

He remembers the time he was trying to comfort Asuka after Asuka was telephatically raped by the 15th Angel. Asuka confronted Shinji that he does not really care. Asuka then attacked and shoved and pushed Shinji that all he wants is sympathy from people because he is afraid from people like his father, mother, Misato and the others and that knowing her present state, he would maybe like to take advantage of her. Shinji argued that he does not but Asuka pushed him hard and he hit the coffeemaker filled with hot coffee and landed in the floor with it. Asuka said "How pathetic...." (Jap: Aware ne) . Shinji cried. He then begs that Asuka help him but Asuka said


he got up started to strangle her. The music of a guitar was heard in the background and drawuings of abused children were shown in crayon portraits like four year old drawings of a beheaded fish in a fishbowl for example.

The Third Impact goes to its second phase....

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