End of Evangelion

Episode 26 Movie Edition: Magokoro o Kimi ni
The Closing Of The Grave (Track13)
Japanese: Heisoku no kakudai

Shinji then decided to have a world where he is not alone but with someone else and the next scene shows Shinji and Rei together. Shinji himself feels peace within himself as Rei sits naked above his penis, with her arms inside his naked chest. Shinji asked if this is death but Rei said "no". Rei then explained to Shinji that this is the human complement program. This is what Shinji wants and if he wants to change this world he can do it and Shinji grabbed the arms of Rei and changed it. The scene than changed to a naked Shinji in the lap of a naked Rei. He looks at the cross of Misato and wonder if this can actually be reality because it feels and looks like a dream. But Rei said that dreams are part of reality. He then meets his dead mother and ask if living in this world is fulfilling, his mother asked him to decide for himself and he went outside the red LCL that enveloped them and then he hears the kind voices of Misato and Rei and then Asuka said
"But if I will die, I hate to die with you!" (Japanese: Demo, anata to dake wa zettai ni shindemo iya)

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