End of Evangelion

Episode 26 Movie Edition: Magokoro o Kimi ni
A Gap In A Dream (Track14)
Japanese: Yume no sukima

The Eva-01 then was the last to enter the Giant Rei to conclude the Third Impact. However something happened, Shinji's Eva-01 refused and went out and the neck of Rei split to release hundreds of red dots of all the souls of mankind. The dots then orbitted the earth and the Giant Rei starts to fall apart. The giant head came crushing down and so are the arms. The Spear seperated from the Eva-01 and turned from a single edge to a double edge spear and went and floated in space along with an Eva-01 that turned like burnt amber. After the Third Impact, Eva-01 became a relic along with the Longinus Spear drifting into space. Hoping that maybe another race will discover the spear and the robot and initiate their own path for a higher existance. An existance with out physical substance. Perhaps that was how the spear was discovered when the spear landed on earth and when Adam came, man figured out that they can evolve to a higher being by first eliminating the Angels that will come and oppose it and then having the courage to actual start the evolution phase with the spear.

Shinji wakes up in a dead earth under a beautiful starry sky absent of any atmosphere and and a red sea breaking waves in the now desolate Geofront with Asuka in her red plug suit with bandage in her left eye beside him. Seeing Asuka he started to strangle her again but Asuka patted the cheek of Shinji and Shinji stopped and cried. Asuka said " This feeling sucks!" (Japanese: Kimochi waruiiiii). THE END. Perhaps Shinji, after all his hope and wish for a better reality for him asked for a desolate earth with Asuka to live forever and ever.

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