End of Evangelion

Episode 25 Movie Edition: AIR (Rebirth)
A False Return To Life (Track4)
Japanese: Itsuwari no, saisei

Seele put up a tough fight with the rockets and conventional weapons, they first disconnected her source of power by destroying the electrical connection and with less than 5 minutes of internal power she then wipe and destroy all planes, troops and gunships around. But conventional weapons were no match for an AT Field of an Eva so Seele decided to send the completed Eva Series.

It takes an Eva to kill an Eva and with this new series of Eva (whose pilot is the dummy plug of Kaworu) you'll notice that it has wings and a reptile head. The new Eva Series are S2 Evas, meaning they dont need an electric power source to function (much like an Angel), it has wings and can fly, its main weapon is a double egde spear/lance, which you see them carrying in the picture. They are Eva-05 to Eva-13 and they all look alike, they were also produced by the other G-7 nations plus China and Russia. Anyway with less than 4 minutes of internal power left all 9 bird-like Eva circles Eva-02 like vultures circling its prey. Asuka looked up suprised.

and then they landed....

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