End of Evangelion

Episode 25 Movie Edition: AIR
II Air (Track6)

Within the sounds of the invading Japan Strategy Self Defense Force, a lone car with Misato and Shinji was seen racing toward the Eva-01 hangar. But Misato's car was knocked out of the road by gunfire and hit a wall, luckily Misato and Shinji remained unharmed and landed on a place where the soldiers cant immediately get them. Maya then established contact between Misato and Asuka. Then Misato was ordering instructions to Asuka through her cellular phone that she must eliminate all nine of the Eva-05 series else the Third Impact will occur. Asuka promised she will and that was the last time Misato and Asuka talked. Misato looked at a silent pathetic Shinji and with disgust, she dragged him to the nearest elevator hatch that will take him to Eva-01.

The nine Eva-05 series landed and Asuka looked at her remaining time: 3:34 minutes. She calculated that it will take at least twenty seconds each to destroy one Eva-05 and she smiled and said: "Plenty of time". She then attacked the nearest Eva-05. She run, punch, stab, blow, hit, jab, thrust, clout, thump, box, poke, knock, throw, sock, smite, whack, wallop, cuff, baste, pummel, pound and beat one Eva-05 at a time and the Eva-05 offered little resistance. She cut their arms, beheaded them and mutilated them with her sonic knife and when that broke, she used the Eva-05's own lance and fenced with the Eva-05. It was obvious that although the Eva-05 were superior compared to Asuka's Eva-02, she was still superior on fighting skills and battle maneuvers. Maya was monitoring Asuka's progress and hoped that Asuka will defeat all the nine Eva-05.

but she never did....

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