End of Evangelion

Episode 26 Movie Edition: Magokoro o Kimi ni
Escape To The Beginning (Track9)
Japanese: Hajimari e no touhi

Shinji called for the Longinus Spear that was in the moon back to earth, to penetrate the neck of Eva-01 and destroy it. It did arrive but did not pierce the neck of Eva-01. Instead it stopped just inches away and then the 4 wings of Eva-01 formed a cross like wing. Fuyutsuki, who was following the events at the Nerv Command Center shouted "Noooooo!". Seele, who was following the events also commenced the rite for the beginning of Human's next evolution phase and Keele, head of Seele, transformed from the usual black monolith to a real human form and started the ritual. When the Longinus Spear arrived, the wings of Eva-01 turned to a cross like formation and the nine Eva-05 bite the cross wing of Eva-01 and with their own wings they carried Eva-01 to the sky. Shinji's hands starts to have a nail mark in his palm. The head of the military that attacked Nerv knew immediately what was to take place and said to his side officer "We have failed." As the 9 Eva-05 and Eva-01 glitter in the bright sky above Geofront, they formed the Tree of Life formation and the CGI graphics for the Tree of Life connected all the robots and the Third Impact started. A big explosion ignited and expanded from Geofront to include the rest of Japan and parts of Korea and China.

Gendou now initiated his own version of the Third Impact and said "I have adam with me already" (Japanese:Adamu wa sude ni watashi to tomo ni aru.) He then penetrated his hand into Rei's breast and went from there to her stomach. Rei felt the pain of Shinji has he was being absorb by the effects of the first phase of the third impact. Gendou ordered her to bring him inside Lillith but Rei refused. "Im not your doll" (Japanese: Anata no ningyou ja nai ) Gendou removed his hand in pain and Rei floated in the air. Gendou shouted "Noooo! Dont leave without me! Bring me to Lillith!" but Rei ignored him and headed for Lillith. Rei said "Im back" (Japanese: Tada Ima) Lillith answered "Welcome back" (Japanese: Okaerinasai ) Rei went inside Lillith and Lillith removed herself from the cross, removed her mask and transformed into a big Rei. Makoto shouted that a blue pattern being was detected beneath Nerv and was fast approaching from below. Maya confirmed but MAGI says that it is human and not an Angel. Suddenly Lillith (who is in a form of a white Rei) went pass thru the floor of Nerv and her giant hand passed through Maya like a giant ghost. Maya felt the passing of a white Lillith and felt her soul touched and screamed. The big Rei went outside toward Eva-01 and the nine Eva-05, which is almost above the clouds and heading for orbit.

And then she meets Shinji....

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