End of Evangelion

Episode 26 Movie Edition: Magokoro o Kimi ni
Jesus Bleibt Meine Freude (Track12)
Japanese: Shu yo, hito no nozomi no yorokobi yo

Then the human nature was discussed with Rei explaining a lot of Philosophy about Life to Shinji. scenes of real pictures of man made cities were shown. Telephone polls, Electric polls, Subways, Trains, Crowded alleys and Dirty streets were also shown. Rei discussed about the lack of dreams in reality and the need of humans to find identity in a sea full of people who themselves do not know who they are. Misato then discussed about the longing for the opposite sex and sex itself and showed Shinji what sex is by making love with Kaji in front of a disgusted Shinji. In the reflection in the eyes of Shinji you can see the uplifted legs of Misato as you hear the love-making voice of Kaji while he pushed and pushed Misato. The legs of Misato moved up and down and Shinji listened with disgust. Asuka then said "If I grow up I think I will do just like what Misato is doing." And you see Shinji naked with Asuka on top.

but then Shinji decided to return back to Reality....

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